Covid Site News  (last updated 01/03/2021)

Further guidance from Government and BH&HPA is expected closer to 12th April.  Between now and 21st June we will continue to monitor and manage the headcount on site.

Notable Dates:

Prior to 12th April

Further guidance to be published by Government and BH&HPA re: definition and availability of facilities.

12th April

May be open for guests with own facilities.

17th May

A return to some normaility - controlled access to facilities anticipate.

21st June

Facilities to be fully opened?


In accordance with Government instructions our site remains closed except for a minority of cases as detailed in Government guidance (Full timers, House moving, Funeral attendance, key workers etc.)

For latest Government guidance please see our news feed here.


Our Toilet/Shower block remain closed pending guidance, however outside facilities remain available.


We are accepting forward reservations without deposit and will process them when guidance is provided.  Please continue to use the site as normal, all payment options have been temporarily disabled.  When booked through the site we will provide a confirmation email.  If you do not receive one then please make contact with us.


Please note:  Any purchases of vouchers from Red Letter Day, Buyagift, Smartbox can only be made up to April 2021 and then redeemed before the end of July 2021.  

No Vouchers will be accepted after this date.